PROJECT SOLIS - Demo                                       [Latest update on September 27, 2022]
Created by Ossi Rajala

Can you reach the end of the demo?

This is a demo for game Project Solis. It is a metroidvania style game with combat
and exploration. It is currently work in progress so things will change more or less
as I continue making it :)

This demo has:

  • Over 50 rooms!
  • 9 enemy types and over 100 enemies!
  • 3 boss enemies!
  • Upgrades and secrets!

Best played in full screen mode with Full HD sized screen.

The game is playable at least with these gamepads: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4.

Controls (Keyboard):

Movement - WASD

Jump - Space

Attack - J

Crouch - S

Heal skill - H

Fire Claw (when acquired) - K

Air Dash (when acquired) - L

Pause - Enter

Map - E

Restart - T

Controls Info On/Off - Q

Controls (Gamepad):

Movement - dpad / left stick

Jump - A / cross

Attack - X / square

Crouch - down

Heal skill - Y / triangle

Fire Claw (when acquired) - RB / R1

Air Dash (when acquired) - RT / R2

Pause - Menu / Options

Map - View / Share

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